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Indu Shrikent Joins IFTC

Film Festivals Are The Best Windows to Show Cinema-Sandeep Marwah

Marwah Studios has given 10 best film festivals to the nation. These festivals have attained international stature and created international records with time. “Film Festivals

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Sandeep Marwah at Goree Islands

State Guest From India Sandeep Marwah Visited Goree Islands

Dakar: Visit to The House of Slaves and its Door of No Return at Gorée Island was the part of the program of Sandeep Marwah

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SAndeep Marwah at Dakar

Sandeep Marwah Invited at African Renaissance Monument at Dakar

Dakar: “My trip to Dakar would have been incomplete, if I would have not visited the African Renaissance Monument. I wish people of Senegal a

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International Mother Earth Day Celebrated at Greater Noida

International Mother Earth Day Celebrated at Greater Noida

Greater Noida:“We need to wake up and realize our mistakes of wounding our Earth Mother, unless and until we start preserving our nature it will

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TOI Honored Marwah as ICON of Noida

Sandeep Marwah Honored as Icon of Noida by Times of India

Founder of Noida Film City, Marwah Studios and Asian Education Group Sandeep Marwah is five times World Record Holder and has brought many laurels to

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Sandeep Marwah Appointed Managing Director of NFTTCIL

“We have found the right person to take the charge of the responsibilities of the federation. Who can be better than Sandeep Marwah, he has

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News Letter of Indo Senegal Film & Cultural Association Released

essential to record the important events of the organization, when you put them to print it becomes history’ said Sandeep Marwah Chairperson of Indo Senegal

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Leprosy Eradication Day Observed at Indo Senegal Film Association

“The purpose of Leprosy Eradication Day is to create awareness about this disease and making people conscious about it” said H.E. Abdoul Aziz MBAYE Minister

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Cultural Minister of Senegal Visited Marwah Studios

The cultural Minister of Republic of Senegal. H.E.Abdoul Aziz MBAYE paid visit to Sandeep Marwah the Chairperson of Indo Senegal Film And Cultural Association in

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Marwah Gave New Name Sonu Wood to Senegal Film Industry

The most popular and oldest film industry is known to the World with the name of Hollywood in United States of America. India is the

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