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AAFT Students Bagged 7 National Awards in Cultural Activities at National Cultural Fest at Mohali 2015

“Success is a blend of good fortune and hard work” and the outstanding performance displayed by the students of ASMS and AAFT in the three day fest in Chandigarh University held between 19-21 February is an eyewitness to the fore mentioned adage. Out of the 42 events that were organized in the CU fest, our students were able to grab a total of 7 awards which is highly commendable. Moushmi Chatterjee stole the show with her graceful movements and won the first prize in classical dance solo performance. Jasmine Kaur’s hindi poetry touched the hearts of the judges and earned her victory. The mesmerizing bollywood duet singing by Shrestha Saha and Sumit Raina again captured the first prize. Vivek Kumar also triumphed the Hindi debate competition. The fascinating performance in mimicry by Indrajeet Kalra got him the second position to his credit. Yuvraj Pratap Singh prodigiously wont the third prize in stand up comedy and Vivek Massey received a consolation prize for his mellow singing. The Judges were in full appreciation of Rahul Mishra for his alluring feat on the ramp who could make it to the top 5 contestants out of 30 participants. Altogether our winners got a marvelous sum total of  twelve thousand rupees to their credit. The stupendous results so received by the students would not have  been possible without the motivation, mentorship and coordination of our teachers in-charge Mrs. Sarika Takhar Badsara, Mrs.Vishnu Priya Pandey and  also Mr. Satish Kumar who accompanied the students to Chandigarh and acted as their pillars of support throughout. The hard work put in by the students and the teachers has very well paid off and without a doubt deserves all applauds. The Chandigarh University fest was unequivocally an amazing platform for all the students as they got to interact with and perform in front of eminent personalities which has explicitly helped to boost their confidence. It  has definitely been a memorable and a learning experience for one and all, those who were as well as for those who were not a part of the excursion. Special thanks to ASMS Director Dr. AK Srivastava for showing confidence in students and giving green signal for CU fest. Lastly one without whom this would have been not possible President of MARWAH studio Mr. Sandeep Marwah.

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