CMO Message

Puneet Jindal


Asian Education Group, initiated by Marwah Studios, is a noted educational group in the field of film and media studies. Our academic leadership is the result of the outstanding programmes that we offer. We work in close collaboration with Academic Directors & Programme Dean to ensure the optimal performance of all the academic courses. We have consistently set new standards in academic excellence through programme reviews and evaluation, curriculum audit, faculty development, and recommendations of new curricula designs. This is accomplished through the involvement and participation of our highly skilled academic staff with years of professional experience and our university partners.

Our goal is to aid students in identifying what sparks a light within them and to keep that spark ignited throughout their professional career. We offer a lucrative opportunity to these aspiring students through our industry-oriented educational programmes that offer a holistic view of the film and media business. The Academic Department works with the students by focusing on their individual strengths and working upon their areas of improvements. We train our students on values like team-spirit, honesty, integrity, responsibility and truthfulness. The training methodology has been designed to empower incumbent trainees to undertake responsibilities and have access to world class resources.

In just over two decades, the institution has attained many international and national commendations. It has developed a reputation for attracting the young talent of the highest calibre from across the globe and building leaders out of them. Constantly creating new endeavours and connections to further the interests and education of our students has been our prime intention. The institution has to its credit, the successful placement of the capable students in prestigious companies. Our alumni stand tall in the sphere of Films, Television and Media. They are the professionals with a very high degree of adaptability towards the changing needs of the media industry.

Providing unique and finest training since its inception and giving wings to dreams is what we do best. Wish you luck in your future endeavours.