School of Cinema Infra

Mini film training studio

Film Shooting

Film Shooting Floor

Film Shooting

Mini TV Training Studio

Rehearsal Hall

Screening Theater

Outdoor Shooting Facility

Film Video Production

School of Mass communication Infra

Audio & Post Production Studios

Yamaha Digital Mixture Control

Sound Recording Studio

8 Edit Stations

16 Channel Yamaha Mixture

Camera For Video Newa Suit

16 Channel Video Mixture

BEL 50W Transmitters

…….. For Promotion

School of Fashion Design Infra

Pattern Making Lab

Fashion For Promotion

College Pattern Making Lab

Draping Workshop

Draping Lab

Pattern Drafting Lab

Pattern Drafting Lab

Drafting Lab

Pattern Drafting Lab

School of Animation Infra

Animation Workstations

Adobe Premier Editing Suite

Avid & Velocity Editing Suit

Apple MAC Pro. HD Ready

8 Edit Stations

Tailor Light Box Tables

Digital Pen Tablet

Post Production Studio

Animation Design

School of Advertising, Pr & Events Infra

Radio Telecast Room

Radio Brodcation Studios

Lab Editing

Sound Editing Lab

Sound Recording Studio

Chroma Center

Seminar Hall

Interview Studio

Interview Studio

School of Performing Arts Infra



Drum Kit





Electric Guitar

Music Class

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