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Painting Exhibition inaugurated at 1st Global Literary Festival

Noida: “Art and literature go hand in hand. The painting exhibition has added a lot to the literature festival,” said Dharmendra Yadav, Member Parliament from Uttar Pradesh while inaugurating the exhibition during 1st Global Literary Festival Noida 2015.

“The colorful paintings are as good as pictures from different parts of the World. We can see the different aspects of paintings by different artist,” said Dr. Aziz Burney veteran journalist and writer.

Ashok Bajpai former Secretary Ministry of Culture, Government of India appreciated the presence of fine arts along with literary festival. Dr. V.K. Goswami and Pankaj Singh also spoke on the occasion.

The senior artists like Arshi Ahmed, Debamitra Chakaraborty, Jai Prakash SB, Jyoti Sateeja, K.G.Lingadevaru, Krishna Rajendra Kumar, Dr. M.S.Murthy, Raghu Neware, V.B. Biradar, Vinodaprabha Revanna Siddaiah and Virendra Kumar displayed their paintings all the three days of the festival. Later Sandeep Marwah honored all the artists with membership of Global Literary Festival.

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