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Career Opportunities

Public Relations is a wonderful field for people with excellent communication skills and a keen interest in interacting with a variety of people. Public relations careers open a world of opportunities to work in different fields of communication like business, social media, media, production and much more.

AAFT School of Advertising gives you the opportunity to accomplish your dreams through our different public relations courses. Enrol today for a successful career in advertising, PR and event management or free media.

Careers in Advertising, Public Relations & Events

  • New Business
  • Planning
  • Social media
  • Interactive
  • Account Services
  • Production
  • Creative
  • Media

Defines Strategies and strives to win new clients for the agency.Utilizes strategic skills to identify challenges related to brand and develop content outlines for business pitches.

Evolves to: New Business Director,
Director of Business Development



Researches on how to align consumer wants and needs
Accumulates data through quantitative and qualitative processes, such as focus groups and surveys.
Evolves to: Associate Director of Account Planning, Director of Strategic Planning


Voice of the clients and customers
Supports with creation, conception and presentation of social media strategy and integrated marketing campaigns
Evolves to: Social Media strategist, Social Media Monitoring & Analytical Strategist



Designs Websites, online ads, games and apps as per client’s requirement
Designs concept models, user interface sketches and detailed mechanism of websites and apps
Evolves to: Interactive Art Director, Senior Interactive Art Director, Interactive Creative Director


Key contact between the agency and the client on daily basis
Provides direction to requests from within the agency as well as external partner agencies and clients. Overall
coordination of related processes.
Evolves to: New Business Director, Director of Business Development



Leads production of various broadcast media across accounts
Hunts for Quality Content and pitches for upcoming projects Manages various aspects of pre-production, production as well as post production.
Evolves to: Broadcast Production Manager, Director of Broadcast, Executive Producer


Designs creatives and artwork to be used for Media Promotion
Designs Visual art using typography, logos, signs and interactive platforms
Evolves to: Associate Creative Director, Creative Director, Chief Creative Officer



Purchases television, radio and print media spots for ad campaigns.
Utilizes knowledge of media landscape and mathematical skills to design buys in terms of cost efficiency, goals and client agreements
Evolves to: Senior Media Planner, Media Supervisor, Group Media Director

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