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“Asian School of Media Studies is a great foundation for a successful career in Advertising and Branding. It has grown phenomenally and made all of us proud. I owe a great deal to the school of advertising and PRE to whatever little I have achieved in life.”
Akshay Chaudhary,
“I entered these very gates with a fair knowledge of the world but still deep within I felt there was something missing. My journey here has been very eventful and has personally filled in every gap I felt missing. We not only get facilitated with a course but get accustomed to mingling with the broadest spectrum of people; indeed peer learning has been the focal point of my education here.”
Annie Aggarwal,
“The Advertising & PRE program at Asian School of Media Studies was a great experience. The rich interaction with experienced faculty and students from diverse backgrounds across the country was very useful. I was fortunate enough to work closely with various clubs where I got a platform to put my theoretical knowledge to practical use which developed my interest in Advertising Copywriting and Visualization.”
Deepika Khanna,
“At ASMS School of Advertising & PRE there is lot of focus on industry interaction and that really helped me and my peers as well.”
Kavita Aneja,
“ASMS School of Advertising & PRE provides the necessary ecosystem to students to nurture themselves to become professionals provided the students invest in themselves to become one.”
Nidhi Jha,
“I credit school of Advertising and PRE for having broadened my Creative skills&for providing opportunity that I could deploy to actualize benefits. The industry interactions activities in particular, were of great practical relevance in converting classroom learning to ensure that we are business ready in our specializations.”
Sneha Sharma,
“School of Advertising & PRE has given me a rock solid foundation in Advertising and PR, the right start both in terms of academics, passion in the subject and above all the confidence in taking the best decisions in the corporate world.”
Swaati Tyagi,
“It was a great pleasure to be the part of Zee Network and work for Zee Sangam. I have learn a lot. I did desk work like- editing shots bytes, making packaging online publishing. Also, has got an opportunity to work as a trainee in creative department of India’ leading advertising agency Leo Burnett! I want to thank all my teachers and placement cell for giving continuous support. I feel lucky to be the part of ASMS!”
Shreya Bhattacharya,
“I am grateful to all the people who I worked with at FOUNTAINHEAD. With their patience and openness they created a great learning and working environment for me. Furthermore, my college and department for their guidance and support always.”
Siddharth Thakkar,
” I worked as a communication trainee at Brand Republix, a fashion, luxury, marketing and consulting firm. I am privileged to have an opportunity like this and highly thankful to my educational institution ASMS for providing me a wonderful platform.”
Rumela Sen,
“I did my intern as a sports marketer for three months; it has been a crack a jack learning curve for me which definitely enhanced my confidence. I got immense support, guidance and impeccable help from the college starting from selection of the company to the finishing of internship.”
Prithu Sarkar,
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