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Teaching And Learning Outcomes

Graduates of our Animation and Multimedia Program would be able to :

  1. Design and prepare a portfolio of artwork suitable for applying to a full-time post-secondary animation program.
  2. Produce a portfolio that integrates the principles, techniques and skills acquired in their coursework
  3. Develop introductory level competencies in the areas of character and location design, life-drawing and animation
  4. Demonstrate the knowledge, dedication and work ethic required to be a successful member of a creative team
  5. Create a future career plan of action to be continually developing a portfolio through learning and practice

Apart from this our students would be able to:

  • Breakdown motion in terms of key frames
  • Use key frame animation to animate
  • Integrate physics, mechanics and weight into animations
  • Set and edit key frames within the timeline
  • Edit key frame animation within the graph editor
  • Create animation Playblasts
  • Analyze and edit animations based on peer, instructor and personal feedback
  • Generate animations with simple objects and characters rigs
  • Create cycled animations
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