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Student Speaks

My role was for coordinating and arranging interviews. I was closely working with the production coordinator. I had a great experience in terms of reporting and production. It gave me an insight to the process of production. It was very important learning experience.
During Internship, I learned about how to design the layout of the newsletter. I also learnt various types of news – hard news, soft news and human interest news. I came to know how to broadcast a news better. How news reporter are sent to different spots to cover the information and how people work in newsroom etc.
Prachi Agarwal,
I have learnt a lot of thing during my internship under television program.
I got to know about how to present myself in front of camera and working behind the camera and learnt to work on voice modulation and also done a commercial advertisement for my college. 
Shubham Verma,
AAFT has provided me complete guidance and support for successful completion of Animation course and acquiring a good job In VFX Editor In Mahuaa Tv
Princy Bhardwaj,
AAFT is a place where I learnt a lot, not only about Graphics and animation , but also how a team works, & how to handle technical problems, It also provided me a path to career Providing more PracticalsThanks to AAFT School of Animation
Anirudh Sharma,
“It was always my desire to study in a media institution where out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged and instructors are student-oriented. At Asian School of Media Studies, I found classes to be very interactive, and everyone gets to give their views, enriching the class even more. The student body is quite diverse, and it is common to have three or more nationalities in a class, This is one of the most rewarding parts of studying at Marwah Studio.
The small and interactive classes with experienced industry leaders at marwah studios have helped me to apply the modern software techniques to work n deal with clients and colleagues at the work place.”
Tanya Jaiswal,
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