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Inter School Sketching Competition by ANIMAZICA

Animazica conducted its first activity this session on 20th August.

Animazica held an Inter School Sketching Competition. All the School Heads were pre-informed about the activity. Each school had nominated a faculty member to co-ordinate the activity at the school level.

Posters and Standees were put up days before the Competition to publicise the event. The faculty coordinators also informed their students in advance.

ASMS had provided Sheets, Pencil, Eraser and Sharpner to students.

On the day of the Competition, students were asked to sketch anything they can do, as majority of students did not have sketching background.

It was very surprising to know that around 500 students were interested to participate in this event. The numbers below are an evidence.

School of Journalism and Mass Communication : 143
School of Cinema : 135
School of Fashion and Design: 115
School of Animation : 46
School of Performing Arts : 19
School of Advertising PR & Events : 06

ANIMAZICA Registration Forms : Around 50 students have shown interest to be part of the Club. 40 of them have already taken forms.

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