Learning Outcomes

Animation and Multimedia Programmes

The Animation school at Asian Academy of Film & Television follows a strong flavor of core disciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach to education and training that strikes a unique balance of challenging coursework and real-world impact that is highly appreciated in our students. The industry-oriented curriculum of our Animation and Multimedia Programs emphasizes the fundamentals of Sketching and Painting, Print Media Design, Digital Photography, Story Boarding, Camera and Lighting, 2D Animation, Web Designing, 3D Animation, Sound and Video Editing, Compositing and VFX.

Programme Objectives

The institute encourages active learning to help build critical thinking skills of its students and prepare them to bear on the challenges they take on.

  • Leadership
  • Graduates will bring to their careers the self-assurance, integrity, and technical strengths that drive innovation, and the communication and collaboration skills to inspire and guide the groups they work with in bringing their ideas to fruition

  • Versatility
  • Graduates will apply their abilities, talents, and insights creatively and productively in every creative field of science and art

  • Engagement
  • Graduates will be sensitive to professional and societal contexts, committed to ethical action, and engaged in life-long learning to remain responsible and thoughtful contributors to society

Skill Development Areas

Our academic programmes are structured to develop the talents of the Indian youth, raise confidence, and enhance their employability prospects. These multi-skill programmes at School of Animation create opportunities, space and scope in numerous areas as:

  • Creative Media Foundation
  • Graphic Design & Development
  • Web Design & Digital Marketing
  • Digital Video Production
  • Product Design & Architectural Visualization
  • Character Design & Development
  • Animation & Visual Effects
  • Game Art & Design

Learning Outcomes

Project-based curriculum designed on Digital Film Production workflow, develops proficient skills in the field of computer graphics for still and animated contents with the use of latest creative technologies in Media and Entertainment industry. In addition to communication, team work and research skills, each student will attain at least the following learning outcomes from this degree course:

  • Be involved in projects right from project planning to final outcome ready for client delivery
  • Produce a portfolio of artwork that is research and development oriented, and that integrates the principles, techniques and skills acquired in the coursework
  • Develop introductory level competencies in the areas of character and location design, life-drawing and animation
  • Gain real world project experience throughout their learning cycle, that helps them to better understand the roles and processes in wide range of computer generated design and animation careers
  • Demonstrate the knowledge, dedication and work ethic required to be a successful member of a creative team
  • Enhance career prospects based on skill areas and make them employable in different segments of Media and Entertainment industry
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