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Current & Future Trends in Animation Industry – A Global Perspective

Seminar began with the welcome of Guest Mr. Biswajit Das by Dean SOA. Mr. Soumendu Sinha started the session with Interaction of Students. He tried to know the background of students and their general knowledge about the Industry.

Mr. Sinha stressed on the effort done by IIACFF towards bringing, Animation Film Producer, Director and Animators together under one platform. He reiterated the fact that Producers should give opportunities to Indian animators than going abroad.

Mr.Sinha impressed upon the fact that Indian animators working abroad should be attracted come back to India and work in India to boost the Indian Animation, VFX and Gaming Industry.

The session was very informative and interesting. Students were very happy.

Mr. Sinha invited the students to attend the 5 days Animation Festival in October 1 to 5, 2015.

Industry Expert : Mr. Soumendu Sinha

Director IIACFF (India-International Animation & Cartoon Film Festival)

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