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Seminar on Japanese Animation Industry

by Toko Innovation Studios

Toko Innovation Studios is a startup focused on disrupting the children’s entertainment sector. They have launched Astra – a collectible card game we have developed based on epic Indian mythology, particularly the Ramayana, aimed at the age group 7-15. They have signed a 5 book deal with Harper Collins for a series built around the Astra world and characters with 1 book launched every 8 months. Astra is designed to become an Indian version of Pokemon with similar impact and engagement with children. They are now developing a children’s entertainment portal that will give 0-15 year olds on-demand access to hundreds of animated shows through the internet.

The Seminar was attended by all students and faculty members of School of Animation. It was a very informative Seminar. Students appreciated the inputs provided by the two professionals. The session was quite interactive. The professionals told the students to be innovative and creative to stand out of the crowd.

At the end there was a Q & A session where the students asked questions related to Japanese and Indian Animation industry. The first student who asked a question was rewarded with Novel written by one of the professional.

After the seminar, the professionals were taken around the Marwah Studios campus and were made to meet our President Mr. Sandeep Marwah and Director General Dr. A.K. Srivastava.

Industry Experts : Aditya Mukherjee & Arnav Mukherjee

Aditya Mukherjee (Co-Founder, TOKO Innovation Studios)
* Author of the bestseller ‘Boomtown’ published by Rupa & Co.
* Strategy consultant with Bain & Co.
* IIM Bangalore (PGDM), NTU Singapore (Computer Engineering)
* Winner of CNBC HUL LIME – India’s largest marketing competition (2012)
* Previous startup on mobile application, funded by Singapore Govt.

Arnav Mukherjee (Co-Founder, TOKO Innovation Studios)
* Author of the thriller ‘Karm’ published by Rupa & Co.
* Kenan Flagler, UNC-Chapel Hill
* World Youth Leader (Hong Kong, 2012)
* Semi-finalist in American Screenwriter’s Guild’s competition (2010)
* Davis UWC Scholar – Network of friends and alumni in 80+ countries

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