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VFX-Stereoscopic Workshop

The stereoscopic workshop was organized for students of Animation and Multimedia. In this workshop, the students experienced the valuable insights from the industry expert Md. Yaman, who specializes in Compositing, Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. There were different segments structured for this student workshop, which included the history about stereoscopy technology, the concept & science behind 3D vision of human eye, as well as the techniques used in stereoscopy film-making.

The students were exposed to the fundamentals of how stereoscopy works and how After Effects (VFX) creates the illusion of depth in a moving image. Md. Yaman explained to them the difference between Anaglyph glasses vs. Polarized 3D Glasses, and how to convert a 2D image or video into 3D. The students were also educated on How to make Stereoscopic footage in software like Photoshop, After Effect and Nuke.

After completing this workshop, the students were in better position to understand the complete workflow involved in creating stereo 3D. The industry exposure and knowledge brought in by Md. Yaman was very enriching for them.

Industry Expert : Mr. Md. Yaman

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