Associate Dean


Associate Dean

School of Cinema (SOC) at Asian School of Media Studies is one of the most oldest, popular and desired segment of Asian Education Group. The School aims at developing the knowledge, skills and technical abilities of the students with proper background of Cinema, Contemporary issues & advanced technologies and also the insight of future cinema. This training majorly comes with teaching and practically oriented programmes. SOC offers UG & PG programmes – B.Sc. Cinema & M.Sc. Cinema. The highlight of these courses is SPECIALIZATION in a specific field. Cinema is a developed and expertise field that consists of unique areas. Accordingly, this course has been designed.

The specialization course in Acting offers the students who have a great passion, interest and capabilities with a platform to learn and prove their talent in the mediums like theatre, films, television, etc. The specialization course in Cinematography offers the students a platform that focuses on storytelling through stills and visuals and explores advanced digital video cinematography techniques for both studio and field. The specialization course in Direction offers the students a complete grip of the creative and technical role & responsibilities of a director today within a historical, cultural and industrial framework. The specialization course in Post-Production offers the students a platform to develop their skills through lecture, discussion & practical training by examining the role & function of an editor in the film-making process. The specialization course in Sound offers the students a platform to develop and use Sound as a way to convey ideas, sensations, and information; and also, harmonizes and develops visual knowledge.

Along with the academic curriculum, SOC encourages the students to perform various creative, innovative and productive exercises namely, Three Still Photos with Mobile, One to Two Minutes Video with Mobile, Five Still Photos with Digital Camera, Sketching, Painting, and so on. SOC is also considered as one of the best training set up when it come to the student’s productions & magnum opus. This school prepares the students with their strong content & right technicalities for creating the sensible productions like Two minutes Mise-en-scene Exercise , Two minutes Continuity Exercise, Three minutes Dialogue Exercise, Four to Five minutes Song Picturiation (Music Video) and Five to Fifteen minutes Short Fiction Film.

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