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How to become a fashion designer

Fashion is a global force today— one that holds promise and is ever evolving. The field has seen immense growth and has branched out in a way that there’s something for everyone. Since fashion provides such attractive future prospects, youngsters today are drawn to the field as a career option. Especially in India, where the fashion scenario enjoys a mix of international runway concepts coupled with age- old traditional styles.

If you are looking for some useful tips on pursuing fashion, you have come to the right place. Here’s a guide on becoming a fashion designer for budding talent—

  • Education—Learning is the first step to any profession, especially a course like Fashion Design— where technical knowledge is a pre-requisite. Prepare for entrances and enroll yourself in a reputed fashion design college. Know your end goal as well as your specialization, so you can pick exactly what kind of fashion design you want to pursue—apparel, accessory etc.
  • Practice— it’s important to excel in a field like fashion design, which has become competitive and challenging over the years. The key is to hone and polish your skills through practice, while you are still in college. Try and learn something new and then perfect it through continued effort.
  • Portfolio— your portfolio reflects you as a fashion designer in more than ones ways. Firstly, a well- made portfolio is reflective of a hard working student—a trait always favoured when you are looking for internships or jobs. Secondly, your portfolio lends insight into your skill set—how talented you are and how much you have learned in your formative years, what your potential really is etc.

Fashion design is a fascinating career choice, but you will only reap the best of this field if you give it your best.

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