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Academic Director

Dr. Ajay Kumar

Today’s educational theorists emphasize the importance of the creative mind and ’emotional intelligence’ – that are essential in the development of students’ personality and, especially, their imagination. Education can inadvertently militate against creativity. The challenge for teachers and parents is therefore to keep that creativity alive. The sharing of perspectives with other cultures, ages, genders, races and faiths lead to greater empathy and respect for difference and diversity. Thinking outside-the-box of our own prejudice or uncritical first responses is also what gives Music & Drama its power to liberate the mind.

Involvement with the liberal and performing arts allows students’ multiple intelligence to be acknowledged, developed and appreciated. Children who learn and think differently may well possess verbal, physical and interpersonal skills, logical and intuitive thinking, and spatial and kinesthetic intelligence.

One of the more positive developments of Indian education in the 21st century is the waning romance of the public with mainstream subjects, such as Science or PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) and widening interest in the Performing Arts. In today’s digital world, Music offers number of different perspectives & facets to explore and it has very wide openings in the Entertainment Industry, globally.

School of Performing Arts is one of the best in the country and offers both Bachelor & Master level degree programs, in both Indian & Western music. The diverse curriculum at our music school covers all aspects of Music Composition, Music Direction & Sound Engineering. It has excellent sound engineering studios and music composition labs. Students get to practice on state-of-the-art equipment, being used in professional studios and upon the course completion they will be able to work successfully and confidently in any avenue of the sound recording industry.

I hereby, assure that we, as mentors, encourage creativity and talent in all our students. We coach them to not only build their skills, but also to be different from others. I welcome you to join us for an exceptional learning experience – both intellectually and socially.

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