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Ms. Albeena Abbas

Albeena Abbas is an effective communicator with strong interpersonal skills…
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Dr. Syed Nawaz Ahmad

After completing his Post Graduation in Mass Communication,…
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Ms. Vishnupriya Pandey

Vishnupriya Pandey is a NET qualified academician journalist pursing Ph.D. from…
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Ms. Vandna Kanwar

Vandna Kanwar has done her Masters in Mass Communication and Journalism…
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Ms. Shahi Shaika

Shahi Shaika is a prominent speaker who has mastered the skill of simplifying the complex…
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Ms. Ashima Khare

Ashima Khare, a versatile character and a well-known personality in the arena of Journalism and…
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Mr. Milan Chakraborty

Milan Chakraborty started his career journey with Philips India Ltd. after seamlessly completed…
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Mr. Prithu Sarkar

Prithu Sarkar, who has mastered the art of mass communication and journalism…
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Ms. Urooj Fatima Rizvi

Urooj Rizvi has done her Masters in Development Communication from AJK MCRC…
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Mr. Harinder Kumar

Harinder Kumar has a substantial experience in the television and media industry. With 18 years of…
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Ms. Anjali Jain

Anjali Jain is a graduate in Journalism and Mass Communication…
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