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AAFT Nutrition & Dietetics Courses

Delve into the field of food science and learn to apply the principles of devising a perfect diet plan that promotes healthy eating habits by enrolling yourself in the diverse range of nutrition courses offered by AAFT School of Health and Wellness.

With our comprehensive programs, you will learn everything you need to know about nutrition, diet and health. Our numerous Indian and international collaborations help the students at the School of Health & Wellness to carve a niche for themselves on a global platform.

  • Collaboration with PQMS, Ministry of Ayush as our Channel Partner
  • Highly Personalized & Tailor-Made Learning Experience
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Training by Leading National and International Industry Experts
  • In-House Labs for First-Hand Experience


February 2023 Batch

UG/PG Diploma - (1 Year)

UG Degree - (3 Years)


School Health and Wellness offers best nutrition and dietician courses. These courses are curated keeping in mind the latest industry-development and trends, putting focus on various aspects of human body and food science. Explore the different avenues of this industry by enrolling yourself in our full-fledged diploma and degree courses.

3 Years Bachelor Degree
1 Year Diploma & PG Diploma

Course Curriculum

Semester 1
  • Understanding what are nutrients and their functions.
  • Learning about different food groups.
  • Learning about RDA tables exchange list.
  • Understanding about the human body in detail.
  • Knowing the kitchen laboratory and equipment.
  • Learning methods for cooking with practical approach.
  • Knowing the human development through different stages.
Semester 2
  • Understanding of public health care systems.
  • Knowing about different methods to assess body.
  • Preparing audio- visual aids in context to community nutrition.
  • Knowing the human anatomy and physiology in detail.
  • Understanding of body metabolism and working with respect to nutrition.
  • Practicing budget cooking with respect to lower income groups.
  • Understanding basics of Ayurveda and yoga.
  • Learning basic asanas and postures of yoga.
Semester 3
  • Understanding of diet counselling and consultation.
  • Making diet plans for various age groups in human life cycle.
  • Cooking practical for various diets for different stages in human life cycle.
  • Learning the concepts of food microbiology with practical approach.
  • Knowing the link of food safety with food service establishments.
  • Introduction to bakery science with theory as well as practical sessions.
  • Making different types of bakery products with their nutritional value.
  • Learning about food service and management of food establishments.
Semester 4
  • Introduction to therapeutic nutrition and diet counselling.
  • Making diet plans for basic human diseases and consultation skills.
  • Learning about counselling skills in detail with respect to clients.
  • Introduction to nutrition care process with practical approach.
  • Learning about hospital diets and medical patient consultation.
  • Experiencing visits to hospitals/ medical centers.
  • Understanding of nutrition and health care system and education.
  • Introduction to fitness, health and sports nutrition in detail.
  • Learning Methods involved in nutrition and health education.
Semester 5
  • Learning about advance therapeutic nutrition and diet counselling.
  • Making diet plans for advance human diseases and learning consultation/ counselling skills.
  • Learning cooking practical regarding diets for disease conditions.
  • Introduction to basics of nutritional biochemistry.
  • Learning biochemical practical in laboratory with precision.
  • Understanding of public health nutrition.
  • Learning of communicable and non- communicable diseases and management.
  • Formation of low-cost recipes and preparation in kitchen practical.
  • Learning at field visits in immunization centers regarding public health care.
Semester 6
  • Learning fundamentals of advance nutritional biochemistry.
  • Understanding advance biochemical practical with care and precision in laboratory.
  • Learning about advance theory and practical sessions related to fundamentals of Ayurveda and yoga.
  • Understanding about elderly, body composition, and nutritional requirements.
  • Learning about geriatric nutrition and practical related with.
  • Understanding soft skills like communication, time management and interview skills.
  • Learning body language and etiquettes related to self-development.
Semester 1
  • Understanding the basics of Nutrition
  • Different types of nutrients, their functions and dietary sources
  • Classification of food groups
  • Different food patterns
  • Methods to improve nutritional quality of foods
  • Basics of human body, its working and disorders
  • Understanding the basics of meal planning and nutritional needs throughout the life cycle.
Semester 2
  • Understanding the metabolism of nutrients, deficiencies, toxicity
  • Advanced study of organ systems of human body
  • Understand the concept of health from the individual and community perspective
  • Learning about different nutrition and health programs
  • Understanding the importance of therapeutic nutrition
  • Understanding different kinds of food service units & systems
  • Various areas of food production
  • Importance of sanitation in food services
  • Issues in food safety


Students pursuing nutrition certification courses at AAFT get benefit of its state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities which include industry-specific Nutrition Labs and Kitchen, Biology Lab and Microbiology Lab, and more. This provides students a conducive environment to indulge persistently in hands-on practice and gain expertise in this field.

  • Nutrition labs and kitchen
  • Biology lab
  • Acupuncture and Acupressure labs
  • Microbiology lab
  • Sphygmomanometer
  • Stadiometer
  • Body Composition Analyser
  • Caliper
  • Digital Classrooms
  • Library
  • Lecture Hall
  • Projection Hall
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All the programs at our institute are totally practical oriented and specially designed to ensure that every student is continuously imparted with relevant practical skills. As part of their curriculum, students who have enrolled in the food and nutrition course, get to perform practical exercises for weight management, and implement different cooking methods, exchange list & menu planning.

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