Understanding Roles and Responsibilities in the VFX Industry

Visual Effects (VFX) industry is associated with both, technical competency and creative abilities. Professionals in this domain must possess sound knowledge of tools and techniques through which one can add varied elements to a design.This craft is related with creating backgrounds, characters or effects that otherwise are not possible to capture through live camera shooting. It is, thus, required by aspirants to be well-acquainted with industry-relevant software and possess in-depth knowledge of varied principles and processes that are important to this craft.

Interested candidates can join animation and VFX courses to acquire industry-specific skills. They can gain knowledge of various roles and responsibilities that they would have to undertake as professionals in this domain. Some of the prominent profiles include layout artist, compositor, modeler, lighting artist, special effects artist, art director and others. Education programs help them to inculcate interpersonal expertise in addition to the core technical skills. They can also develop ability to meticulously use various techniques.

It becomes eminent for aspirants to understand significance of different processes and their interrelation. AAFT School of Animation, through its infrastructure facilities and practical training, provides students a platform to gain relevant industry exposure. This helps them to understand market trends and the work requirements. They also get opportunity to build a strong portfolio through which they can gauge better career opportunities.

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