Cinematography Course

Learn to Build Look and Feel of the Movie through Cinematography Course

The field of Cinema is beyond what is visible on the screen. Hundreds of people from different departments work hard to bring to us what we see on the silver screen. Cinematography is one such field that immensely impacts the look and feel of the movie. Professionals in this domain are responsible for taking vital decisions pertaining to camera and lighting. They must, thus, possess in-depth technical knowledge of camera functioning and factors influencing the shots.

Aspirants who strive to establish a career in this domain can pursue professional courses through which they can gain industry knowledge and the competency of becoming a successful cinematographer. Through cinematography courses at AAFT School of Cinema, they can acquire skills of using camera angles, shots, frame, aperture, lighting, color schemes, etc. in such a way that it emphasizes the overall scene to portray story in the best possible way. In-house production studios, film labs, shooting floor, etc.provides students with various opportunities to nurture their skills.

Through various practical exercises and projects, they learn the skills essential to make a distinguished mark in this domain. They get a dynamic environment where they do not only learn about techniques related to their field, instead, gain significant insights on industry as a whole. They learn camera operations and other technicalities by getting opportunity to produce films, documentaries and music videos.

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