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The Art of Making Creative and Purposeful Cinema

Film making is a creative process that aims not just to entertain us but also casts light on issues, concerns, values and subjects that significantly impacts our lives. Through meaningful Cinema, film makers can sensitize people on various topics that are prevalent in the country. Thus, along with fame and perks, this field is also endowed with social responsibility of creating purposeful movies. This makes it vital for aspirants to develop interpersonal skills along with gaining technical and artistic knowledge.

People who look forward to establish career in this domain must be well-versed with different aspects that influence the process of film making such as direction, acting, cinematography, etc. AAFT School of Cinema has attained flagship in imparting professional training in this domain through its up to date and comprehensive range of courses. An aspirant can pursue full-time under graduate, post graduate, diploma or short-term courses through which they can acquire requisite skill-sets and expertise.

Short-term courses in this domain allows students to gain specialized knowledge of the subject and develop industry understanding of the chosen discipline. Students here learn to write, direct and shoot films through in-house production studios and varied hands-on activities organized from time-to-time at the campus. Thus, by pursuing professional education programs, aspirants can take first step towards entering this creative domain and simultaneously understand their responsibility towards creating cinema that can mark a difference in the lives of people.

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