Practical Session on Coffee Making and Presentation

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular beverages. Earlier it was considered a luxury or an indulgence, but today it is recognized as a human necessity. Many of us enjoy a cup of coffee to kick start our day.

Coffee making is an art, a ritual, and a continuous learning. There is always room to improve, to explore, and to innovate. With this underlying philosophy, Asian Institute of Hospitality & Tourism conducted a mini workshop on Coffee Making & Presentation. The practical session aimed at improving the basic successful skills needed for a perfect coffee presentation among its hospitality students, and to allow them to prepare all the popular coffee house drinks to the highest standard.

The students were given a detailed demonstration of various coffee recipes that are being served in various food outlets, the fundamental knowledge on today’s most popular espresso and coffee brewing equipments, as well as the principles and the different techniques of preparing the perfect coffee.

The students were enthusiastic to gain hands-on experience on coffee making skills and presentation skills. While much of the theoretical knowledge already existed, they presented some of the best coffee beverages, like Cappuccino, Vanilla Latte, Café Latte and Cold Coffee along with exquisite presentations during this workshop.

This enduring session was organized and coached by Assistant Professor Manik Bhatia, whose expertise and experience have always added value to the competency level and competitiveness of the students.

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