Egg-citing Recipes and Cooking Techniques

Although an egg may seem like the simplest ingredient, it can do a multitude of incredible things. In today’s class, chef instructor Manik Bhatia taught the students of hospitality school the techniques like poaching, boiling, frying, and whipping, that one can try to get the desired outcome of different recipes using just one ingredient – Egg!

The experts say that the perfect egg dishes are result of the technique and timing combined together. The goal for this workshop was to enable students learn how to master the right cooking technique through the breakdown of three to four egg-centric recipes. It covered everything from simple tips like how to tell the freshness of an egg, how to hard-boil a freshly laid egg, techniques for scrambles, omelette styles, as well as the plating and presentation techniques.

The students tried their hand at some of the recipes such as poached eggs, scrambled eggs, fried eggs, sunny side up eggs, egg rolls and omelette with vegetable inclusions. The practical session concluded with variations to each dish, where egg was the base ingredient. Students came up with experimental tastes which topped in originality, whether it was the use of fresh herbs and Indian spices, or the added crunch through crispy onions and nuts. Each dish had a tuned up flavour quotient.

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