Italian Pasta Sauce Making Experience

A food production practical was organized at AIHT campus for hospitality students, which was aimed at giving them an immersive pasta sauce making experience. The session faculty Mr. Manik Bhatia and Mr. Himanshu Chadha worked closely with the students to create a fresh batch of pasta with different Italian sauces — White Sauce (butter & cream) and Red Sauce (tomatoes).

The students observed the demonstration on how to make delicious pasta sauce. Our Chef instructors shared important tips and techniques with them, from choosing the right ingredients; food preparation; sautéing; use of herbs and spices (oregano, thyme, paprika, black pepper, salt) in appropriation; cooking pasta; and finally, plating the dish.

During the session, the expert faculty explained students about the purpose of each ingredient, and substitute ingredients that can be used based on the cook’s desired taste or ingredient availability to obtain the true Italian flavours. After the demonstration, each student created their own pasta sauces. The practical session concluded with majority students making vegetarian-friendly pasta meal, while some added their flavorful touch for meat lovers.

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