Use of Animation Techniques in the Post-Production Process of Films

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The field of animation has a wide application in film production. Its different techniques are used for film shooting and editing processes. The VFX technique is used to incorporate elements that otherwise cannot be shot through live camera due to some constraints. The post-production process witnesses a wide range of functions that are essential to … Read more

Know About Sculpting- A Vital Process of 3D Animation

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Sculpting is a crucial part of 3D animation which acts like a sample for future process through which 3D animated characters get their shape. The field of multimedia and animation is concerned with making the intended message more interesting, attractive and interactive through the use of computer technology. This requires use of different processes and … Read more

Know About Industry Scope and Challenges through Animation Studies

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Animation technology has a widespread use in various fields. Its extensive application has made it among the most sought-after career options in India. It is vital for aspirants to be equipped with relevant knowledge of techniques and principles used in this field. This requires them to gain professional training through animation colleges in India. AAFT … Read more

Learning Principles of Graphic Designing to Create Viable and Attractive Designs

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Graphics play a significant role in today’s digital era. It has become an eminent part in different fields since the use of images and audio make the message more attractive and easy to understand. Those who have an interest in the field of designing must possess strong knowledge of varied techniques and principles employed in … Read more

Learning about the Application of Animation and VFX Techniques in Different Fields

The field of Animation is associated with various techniques through which the intended message can be made more appealing and interactive. This field has gained immense popularity due to the expanding use of these techniques in different fields. This includes domains of gaming, film and television industry, e-learning platforms, medical visualization, architecture, etc. This has … Read more

Getting Equipped with Skills Necessary for Building Career in The Animation Industry

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The Multimedia and Animation industry is associated with proliferating message in a creative and interactive manner with the use of images, videos and audio in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional space using computer generated tools and software. Aspirants who intend to make career in this field must be equipped with industry-relevant technical knowledge and different skill-sets … Read more

Exploring Opportunities in Game Design Industry through Professional Training

People of all ages can be witnessed enjoying games on different platforms like mobile, PC, consoles, TV, etc. This signifies its popularity and the scope for opportunities in this field.The game design and development industry is becoming a popular choice among students who wish to make career in the creative domains. This industry is associated … Read more

Sketching- An Art that Multimedia and Animation Aspirants Must Master

Sketching can be considered as a base for any design to be made. Graphic designing, animation or any other multimedia content type requires sketching as the first step. It helps the professionals to build in their minds a basic understanding of what has to be created. It also lets them ensure that their design is … Read more

Making Career in the Animation and VFX Industry

The Indian Animation and VFX industry has witnessed a tremendous rise in the recent years and is expected to grow in the coming future as well, according to the industry surveys and reports. This has resulted in creation of different employment opportunities and emergence of new disciplines in the industry. It has also prolife rated … Read more

The Increasing Significance of Multimedia Industry and Courses

Visuals and audio play a significant role in casting an impact on audience’s mind. This has led to escalation in the field of multimedia since this industry is related to proliferation of messages through integration of pictures, audio, videos and animation. According to industry experts, this field has witnessed a tremendous growth in the recent … Read more