The Growing Popularity of Professional Courses in Makeup and Styling

There is lot more than what meets the eye in the glittering world of fashion. It covers a wide range of operations each of which has a significant role to play. Amongst others, the field of makeup and styling is witnessing much popularity due to its increasing array of applications. Aspirants who hold keen interest … Read more

Learn About Different Fashion Disciplines Through Professional Courses

Fashion designing is considered as a crucial aspect of the glamor industry. But apart from the conventional thinking, there is lot more than just the designing. Each discipline has its own significance and contributes to the overall growth of this domain. This includes fields of fashion communication, photography, visual merchandising, illustration, makeup and styling, modeling, … Read more

Fashion Designing Skills: Creating Roadmap to Reach International Platforms

Fashion designing is a wide industry that offers ample opportunities to the aspirants. Those who are looking forward to make career in this field must persistently strive to enhance their creative skills and industry understanding. This helps them to become competent for various incentives and benefits that one can avail in this domain. Adequate training … Read more

Creativity and Market Research: Significant Tools for Achieving Success in Fashion Design Industry

Fashion & Designing college in Delhi Ncr

Fashion designing industry is amongst the fastest growing sectors with immense professional opportunities for those who possess an inclination towards design and styling. Technical knowledge of principles, processes, methods and techniques pertinent to this industry can be gained by pursuing fashion designing courses. Professional training builds a road map through which aspirants can understand the … Read more

Communication: An Essential Aspect of Fashion Industry

Communication can be considered as the most important art when it comes to achieve success in any field. In the world of fashion too, it is actsas a powerful tool through which professionals can share their ideas, thoughts, views, plans, etc. to the clients and the audience. Strong communication skills help to convey opinions in … Read more

Retaining the Craft of ‘Jamdani’ – Figured Muslins!

‘Jamdani’ is a woven cotton fabric known for finest muslins. The word Jamdani is derived from two Persian words- ‘Jam‘ and ‘Dani‘ meaning ‘flower’ and ‘a vase or a container’ respectively. It refers to figured designs or motifs on a fine muslin (white thin cloth) base, i.e. weaving designs are made with an extra weft … Read more

Taking Steps to Build Career in the Growing Field of Textile Designing

Textile designing is an integral part of fashion industry and is associated with creating art and designs involving the use of fabrics. From apparels to household essentials like towel, to decorative embellishments like carpets; goods made of fabrics have a wide use in the day to day life. Different types of natural and artificial fibers, … Read more

Gaining Expertise to Establish Career in the Jewelry Design Industry

Jewelry has been a significant part since the starting of civilization, especially in India. From ornaments made up of flowers to the heavy gold sets to the delicate sleek designs, there has been a paradigm shift in the choices of people. Jewelry designing as an industry has witnessed a tremendous growth in the recent years. … Read more

Entering the World of Fashion Communication with Industry-Relevant Expertise

The world ofglamour holds more than just what meets our eyes. It is a blend of technical and artistic processes like fashion designing, illustration, communication, visual merchandising, makeup and more. Those who aspire to build career in this domain must possess sound technical expertise and deep understanding of the industry. Aspirants can acquire suchknowledge by … Read more

Different Job Roles in the Fashion Industry

There are different disciplines for an individual aspiring to make career in the field of fashion. This industry is witnessing a tremendous growth in terms of opportunities, perks and professional requirements. The world of glamour encompasses varied responsibilities through which different operations are carried out efficiently. It becomes vital for aspirants to be familiar with … Read more