Judith Lazar

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Judith Lazar is a well-known make-up artist who uses her skills and instinct to highlight the natural beauty in a person. Since her childhood, Judith has been a dreamer. Beauty in nature around has always inspired her imagination. Whether it is the color adaptability trait of a chameleon to its environment or the colourful rainbow, she follows fashion and effortlessly captures beauty in the latest trends.

To pursue her passion of enhancing beauty through makeup, Judith went to New York and joined the MUD (Make Up Designory), the famous Make-up School for aspiring young talents. After gathering the necessary knowledge and practical experience, Judith Lazar attained immediate success in her career as a makeup expert. Judith’s impressive resume has grown with many regional and global achievements. She has worked with producers, creative professionals and designers to create the perfect beauty – to share with others – on stage, billboards, in movies, television, in magazines or on the faces of everyday people.

In her words: “I’m passionate about being a makeup artist, simply because I’m a dreamer with a sensitive imagination about beauty. This is my life, my love and my character; colorful like the rainbow. Changeable like the chameleon with great instincts to follow fashion and capture beauty in the latest trends. Always on the hunt for new challenges, my intent is not to change you, but effectively inspire your own look, and enhance your true beauty. You’ll radiate and glow and feel more confident. My goal is to highlight your own, natural beauty! I do what I love. Itʼs a magical feeling to see the results of my work and receive so many compliments.”

Judith Lazar has joined Asian Academy of Film & Television as the International Faculty for School of Fashion & Design.