Placement Guidelines

Placement Rules & Guidelines

The final placement is governed by certain guidelines, which are revised from time to time. The rules and regulations being followed currently are:

  1. All students need to fill the Student Registration Form for enrolling themselves for placement opportunities.
  2. Attendance in all placement activities is compulsory (Absentees and Misconduct will be disqualified).
  3. Attendance in all the Pre-Placement Talk is compulsory for everybody, unless informed by the student in writing.
  4. Students must be formally dressed for Pre-Placement Talk and Interviews.
  5. A student can appear for placement for any number of companies until he/she gets selected, and after selection he/she shall not be eligible to appear for placement in any other company.
  6. Students are not authorized to communicate with the companies on an individual level. They are hereby informed to refrain from any such communication whatsoever. Any deviation would result in disciplinary action against the particular student. Any interaction by any student with the organization must be carried out in consultation with the Corporate Interactive Division.
  7. If a student has been selected in the campus interview and has received an Appointment/Offer Letter, then he/she cannot apply again and the name will be removed from placement rolls after signing the Placement Closure Form.
  8. Students will be provided 3 placement opportunities by the Corporate Interactive Division. If any student will not accept the Appointment/Offer Letter, without any valid reason, disciplinary action may be taken against him/her.
  9. The student who receives an Offer Letter from the company shall join the company as per terms of the Offer Letter.
  10. All communication related to placements/job openings will be timely communicated to students through notices on CID Notice Board and their eMail-ID registered with Corporate Interactive Division. It is student’s individual responsibility to check the notice board and emails on regular basis.

It is obligatory for each student to abide by the rules/guidelines as stated above, failing which he/she shall be debarred from the placement process.