Diploma in Camera & Lightning Techniques

There is much more to shooting a movie or television programme than to pointing a camera on the illuminated subject and operating it. The cameraperson is required to create images for the presentation on the screen that inflame the eye. He has, therefore, to understand and employ the psychology of human perception to do his work. In other words, the cameraperson has to understand how the human mind responds to the visual information presented before the eye. He has also to keep in mind what viewers have been conditioned to accept through years of movie going and television watching. Lighting is indeed, at the heart of filmmaking and television production. Thorough knowledge of the tools and techniques involved in lighting is necessary to produce good quality and pleasing pictures. Light is one of the most important elements in the visual design of film and television images. The basic principles of film and television lighting are largely the same no matter where they are practiced and at what level! Film and television are mediums of the camera because all techniques of screen presentation are related to it. Certain skills and technical knowledge are needed to operate a film or television camera and to light the subject to do a wide variety or work in film and television. This course of study will provide the student with an insight into ways in which images should be recorded for the screen presentation by developing skills in camera operations and the art of lighting in depth.

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