Diploma in Post Production

A screen presentation is constituted by continuously changing series of images supported by sound for narrating a story or conveying a message in a coherent manner. The prime purpose of a screen presentation is to capture and hold audience attention. The foundation of the art of screen presentation is editing. Film or Video Editing is much more than joining together of images and piecing together the recorded sound. It is the job of an editor to weave together the recorded material and create a meaningful and interesting screen presentation. A Video Editor must provide a visual variety to the screen presentation by multicolor shot selection, arrangement and timing supported by appropriate sound. He has to recreate rather than reproduce the recorded event to achieve a cumulative effect often greater than all actions in the individual scenes put together. Good editing, work wonders for a film and makes the film come to life. A variety of sounds are recorded for laying the sound track of a movie or a television programme. Creative use of the microphone is a specialized work and requires the expertise of a skilled sound engineer. The television graphics may include anything from captions over pictures to the most elaborate art work. The graphics are in the form of graphs, charts, diagrams, maps and a variety of shapes and forms. Computer graphic systems are used to prepare logos, illustrate numerical concepts, financial trends, result of polls and weather reports.

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