Video Editing & Sound Recording

Editing is the backbone of any film or TV production. So it becomes imperative to understand the fundamentals of video editing and sound recording. A 3-month certificate course in Video Editing and Sound Recording will help you master the art of assembling shots and music into a coherent film and TV program. You will understand the aesthetic dimensions of visuals and audio inputs and their placement in a film or TV program.

Key Takeaways

Understand the framework of films/ TV editing

Learn to edit/ design sound of film productions.

Learning editing, sound recording techniques

Different types of shots, angles, camera movement

How to develop film/TV scripts and edit them


  • Learning the history, growth and development of editing and sound in cinema.
  • Knowing about Dada Saheb Phalke Awards and its importance
  • Learning the grammar of editing like jump cuts, continuity, cutaways, sound bridge and cross-cutting
  • Learning to edit on Premier Pro Software.
  • Understanding the technicalities of a single camera and multi-camera news production
  • Learning how to develop scripts and sounds for projects

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