Industry Visits



Venue: Central Park, Cannaught Place, Delhi
Faculty In charge: Ms. Chandni Aggarwal, Ms. Paramjeet kaur
SOFD students participated in a competition, organized by AIIDS HEALTH FOUNDATION. For the participation they organized an interactive session for participants of. Ms. Elizabeth was the speaker who is Director of AIIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF India Cares). It was an open session for students to put up their queries and questions regarding competition. Students search a storyline & made-up dress, products & accessories from condoms according to their concept. Students choose different concept like- red to pink, Sex Education, Beautiful Love etc.
There was a contest of selfie with condom man, free HIV testing & counseling, signature campaign on 40 feet long condom
Prize given by Dr. Udit Raj, an Indian Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha, representing the North-west Delhi constituency. & Oscar Fernandes, an Indian politician, a senior Indian National Congress leader and was the Union Cabinet Minister. He gave honor to Professor Ritu Lal, Director of SOFD (AAFT)
Students won prizes of most creative design, Best Presentation, best Life style product & most creative product .


Venue: DLF Mall of India, Noida
Resource Person: Ms. Anuja Gupta and Ms. Moumita
The mall visitwas organized by the School of Fashion and Design for the students of Fashion Design department. The idea is to provide practical knowledge to the students so that they can identify the merchandise and terms related to the fashion industry.
During the visit the students has to work in a group of five people and has to collect 10 images from 10 fashion forward brands, of different kind of footwear, garments, accessories etc. things related to the fashion and textile. The final submission will include the description of the images in a form of a report .



Venue: School of Fashion and Design, ASMS, Sec 16, Noida
Resource Person: Mr. Harish Chander
Calligraphy is the art of forming gorgeous symbols by hand and arranging them well.
It’s a set of skills and techniques for positioning and inscribing words so they show integrity, harmony, some sort of ancestry, rhythm and creative fire.
Calligraphy is a technique of forming beautiful letters; and since all of us belong to a design school, learning this art was the cherry on the top for our skills.
A workshop was organized by the School of Fashion and Design on the art of calligraphy in Noida, Sec 16. Handwriting Expert Mr. Harish Chander, Calligraphy India, along with his Assistant Mr. Samvedan had visited the campus and imparted the knowledge about the various calligraphic techniques and fonts. He talked about the use of calligraphy in the ancient times.
Around 31 students had participated in the workshop, along with the faculty members and had gained the creative writing skills by participating in the workshop. Also Fashion Communication students got a good understanding of the art, since calligraphy is the part of the curriculum The workshop proved to be really helpful for the students.


Venue: School of Fashion and Design, ASMS, Sec 16, Noida
Resource Person: Mr. Dhanalkota Saikiran
Chitrakala was an initiative by School of Fashion and Design to bring the traditional craft and craft persons in its campus and thus promote the learning of the art and have interaction with the artisan himself. Its first workshop was planned from 16th November 2017 to 18th November 2018. Two art forms were included in this- Cheriyal from Telangana, Hyderabad and Madhubani from Madhubani, Bihar.
Cheriyal is known to be the pride of Warangal district, Andhra Pradesh. It includes scroll painting, doll making and mask making. These dolls and paintings are used to narrate mythology and folklore by wandering story tellers. This is a languishing craft and needs a revival. Master artisan Mr. Dhanalkota Saikiran, visited us from Hyderabad and conducted the workshop on the craft. He talked about the history and origin of the craft, the traditional methods and materials used in the craft and various reasons for it getting languished. Around 80 students plus a few faculty members participated in the workshop. Each participant created one painting and one mask using the age old traditional method.


Venue: School of Fashion and Design, ASMS, Sec 5, Noida
Resource Person: Mr. Balkishan
A workshop was organized by the School of Fashion and Design for the diploma students of Fashion Design and Textile Design department on the art of Kashmir which is commonly known as Kashmir’s Velvet Embroidery. It is a fabric surface development technique for fabrics which gives a velvety embroidered effect onto the fabric. It uses a special copper needle to do the embroidery. Master artist Mr. Balkishan, was the resource person. He is so skillful and works amazingly with such an ease. Our students as well as faculty largely appreciated his art form. He provided a frame each along with fabric and needle to the students to learn while practicing themselves. Students were really happy and learnt a lot. The workshop was really engrossing for all. Each student created a sample of his/ her own.


Venue: Lakewood city, Surajkund Faridabad, Haryana 121010
Faculty In charge: Ms. Paramjaaet kaur, Ms. Moumita Dey
A visit to Surajkund fair was organized by the School of Fashion and Design for the students of B.Des 2nd sem, Fashion Design department. The idea behind this was to expose the students to the various traditional crafts of India collectively. This helps the students to relate in a better manner to what they are learning theoretically in classrooms.
On the visit to surajkund fair, the students got to interact with craft man, master artisans and state and national awardees of various traditional crafts. They got an opportunity to get into conversation with them they interact with different tribes & their costumes, culture, textiles.
They saw India’s different types of textile, footwear, jewellery, costume, traditions in limited area. Many of the artisans were interviewed by the students for their project work. Apart from this the students collect their personal detail for future reference.
Overall it was a great experience and thorough learning for each one.