Film Director K Hariharan Conducts Workshop with Students of Cinema

Students from School of Cinema struck it rich once again as they got a chance to interact with film director prominent in Tamil, Marathi and Hindi Cinema K Hariharan. It was a two-day intensive workshop focusing mainly on film-making basics and storytelling techniques.

Clearly a very visual filmmaker, Mr. Hariharan started his session by giving his insights on three major aspects of any film i.e. location, property and actors. He explained the relevance of location and props in a film as to how important they are in telling a story followed by acting. According to him, these three aspects should be taken into consideration (in the same order) while making a film. He further mentioned that students should always start with making a silent short film. This way, students would learn the importance of location and props, which sometimes go unnoticed as filmmakers rely more on spoken word than visuals.

To elaborate a little further on this, he screened a short film ‘Rain is falling’, which tells the story of a little girl’s struggle in a difficult situation. A girl is worried for her sick mother and must help her in some way. Filmed on location in Morocco, it displays beautiful camera-work and contains an almost mystic message, which comes across perfectly, precisely and to the point, without words. The girl is sweet and beautiful & pulls off her roll convincingly. Citing examples from a couple of other short films, Mr. Hariharan explained the importance of shots, camera angles and different focal lengths involved & how it affects the meaning of a scene.

For students having difficulties in creating stories, Mr. Hariharan suggested a comprehensive reading of ‘The Many Ramayanas’ by Paula Richman where students, just by merely changing the situation to contemporary, can create different stories. He also emphasized upon the power of repetitive frames in a film and how significant it is to convey a story effectively with clarity. Students also got a chance to watch an Oscar-winning short film ‘The Lunch Date’ directed by Adam Davidson, which conveys a prodigious message in a matter of just 10 minutes.

The students’ feedback, regarding the workshop, was monumental and helped them once again to brush up their basics & to expose to world cinema through right guidance and approach.