Six Months in Makeup & Styling

A stylist is one of the most popular, emerging professions in the fashion world globally.   We at SOFD offer a 6 month certificate course which promises to upgrade the skills of the students in the art of styling and the use of cosmetics to rev up the look. It will help to inculcate appropriate fashion and makeup sense among the students. The course enables a student to style for males, females, kids, celebrities and select clothing and accessories for TV shows, music videos, print and TV advertising, public appearances, ramps and so on. School of Fashion and Design being operated under the aegis of Asian Academy of Film and Television has the advantage of directly operating along with its Film School, making it a top institute facilitating makeup courses in Delhi NCR. Time and again our students get the opportunity of working in collaboration with film school at Marwah Studios on the in-house productions. Also this course helps the student to get up to date knowledge of makeup stylesfrom basics to the advanced level. They learn to apply makeup and prosthetics for theatrical, television, film, fashion, magazines and other similar productions including all aspects of the show biz.

Course objective

  1. To understand the overview of Fashion and Film industry, their operations and the working ways of a stylist through this makeup artist course.
  2. To understand the basics of makeup and styling.
  3. To provide hands on experience on special cases for makeup such as- bridal, ramp, stage, theatre etc.
  4. To make them understand the nuances of age and time specific make up.
  5. To give them an understanding of fashion history, fabric properties and various body types.
  6. To train them in styling of male, female, celebrity, wardrobe guide and so on.

Career Options:

  • To work with celebrities as their personal stylists and makeup artists.
  • To work with production houses as stylists for TV shows, commercials, set designers, art directors.
  • To work with fashion designers as stylists and make up experts for models, ramp and runway, stage shows etc.
  • To get into editorial styling, catalogue styling.
  • To open up their own venture.
  • Can work as freelancer.
  • Can take up workshops, seminars on specific topics.

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