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Music production can be a Big mystery to the new student, and full of surprises even for the seasoned professional. The craft of songwriting never really changes, but the tools we use to speed our creativity along get better every year. At ASMS School of Performing Arts, we study the modern toolbox of the Producing, Composing, Recording & songwriting and provide lots of great information you can use right away.

Every Music Producer has to start somewhere, and the good ones start to amass knowledge at the very beginning and don’t stop until they retire… if even then! We at Asian School of Media Studies (ASMS) are recognized be a national international hub for discovery and innovation in Asia. Here creativity is nurtured by the team of experienced Mentors. It is a place where students from across the globe can encounter the wealth of opportunity afforded by digital media, and where graduates attain those artistic intellectual and technical skills that enable them to take position of creative leadership in a global society and Music Industry.