B.Des. (Interior Design) + Diploma in Interior Design

Interior Design is an ever-evolving field. Interior designers create and improve the quality of interior spaces. Their expertise includes materials, colors, lighting, universal design, health and safety issues, sustainability – and how all these components interact.

AAFT School of Fashion and Design has a dedicated interior design department to guide students to become innovative interior designers. Our Interior design courses prepare students to pursue a professional career in the field of design. The course curriculum integrates professional and general studies with an emphasis on professional ethics and values within the social and environmental context. In addition, it is enriched with an additional focus on international perspectives in interior design.

AAFT School of Fashion and Design offers an extensive range of interior design and interior decoration courses that opens up a pool of specialties in the field of interiors, such as home, commercial space, corporate offices and architectural designs.


Program aims to: 

  1. Help students to receive specialized education in the discipline of interior design and technology.
  2. Develop skills that will enable them to plan or assist in the planning of their own living space area and décor, or may provide a foundation for a career in this field.
  3. Impart knowledge about new design trends, building materials, furniture design, auto cad and principles and use of Vastu science.
  1. Help them prepare layout plans, elevations, perspectives and even prepare sample models, keep themselves updated about the latest materials and products available in the market for interiors.
  1. Make them attain expertise in ergonomics and its utilization in home and work areas.
  1. Develop a sense for the use of colour, textures, fabrics and decorative materials, light effects, layout and furniture in creating an attractive and functional interior.


  1. Interior Designer for hotels, corporate, landscape and theme park developments.
  2. Exhibition designer
  3. Lighting designer
  4. Window display designers
  5. Can work as a skilled Vastu expert.
  6. Production designer Theatre/TV/Film
  7. Stylist for home, commercial or office spaces.
  8. Can work as a free lancer.

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