About Us

AAFT School of Languages offers professional training in foreign languages at all proficiency levels. We offer different duration courses in the following languages: English, French, German and Spanish. We aim to provide an adequate platform for the interested aspirants to realize their dream of learning a New Language through our advanced and creative pedagogy. We have blended our tailor-made courses with enriched experience of dynamic classroom learning and practical approach. We boast of well-trained teachers who are highly experienced experts in their specific language.

Each course provides students with the right tools to quickly learn a new language & kick-start their international career and professional development. At AAFT School of Languages, students acquire foreign language skills through comprehensive professional training, and can become competent to prepare for studying or internships in abroad. We aim to unleash the true potential of the students through our industry-oriented training activities. Aspirants can take a first step with us to learn another foreign language or deepen their existing knowledge