Academic Director

Ms. Albeena Abbas
Academic Director

Curious. Adventurous. Persevering. Motivated. Spiritual. Are these traits which you admire and desire? If so, then the AAFT experience is designed for you.

AAFT’s School of Still Photography is a place where your most desired goal can be reached. Acquire the knowledge and skills to become a successful media professional so you can be an independent adult too. This is done through the kind of curriculum being followed here, with more practical oriented sessions. Through a sequence of courses you can learn the skills and attitudes that can help you make a positive impact in the media world at large.

The curriculum at SoSP will help prepare you to become an articulate communicator, a careful thinker, a person who is concerned with good health, interpersonal relationships that cross, cultural boundaries. This aspect of your education will awaken inquiries into areas you never thought interesting before and it, will add sparkle and innovation to your world.

The experience here is demanding, but it is eminently rewarding. You can follow your curiosity to explore new things, to encounter new ideas and opinions and discover your own capabilities. You can have the adventure of relating to people of other cultures. With the help of caring faculty members, you will have the opportunity to clarify and put in place your own values and principles.

We challenge you to prepare well for the 21st century. Seize the day, seize the opportunity, and be part of the AAFT family!