Associate Dean

Prof. Vajiul Hasan Rizvi
Associate Dean

Dear Student Community,
It is with great honor and pleasure, I welcome you as the Dean of School of Still Photography (SOSP) as we launch the academic year 2019-2020. At present, the department has more than 200 students doing specialized courses like the three-year undergraduate program, two-year masters program, One-year Diploma & three months certificate course in still photography.
We started our journey 26 years back as an institution. Over the last few decades, we have grown our expertise and competence in academics and industrial skill development.
We have developed an exciting and innovative curriculum in still photography through different duration courses. AAFT campus and community are eager to receive our returning and new group of graduate students from all over India. We have worked hard to form industry that will strengthen your academic and field-based learning. Our goal is to engage you in the cutting edge classroom learning and real-life work projects related to photography, that will prepare for your respective programs. Keeping in mind the rapidly evolving world around you, we have made sure to design and deliver quality programs that would enhance your subject area knowledge, industry-specific expertise and encourage your personal transformation. We are committed to enabling and facilitating truly exciting and stimulating life-long learning environment, and experiential education to combine creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and management learning on campus.
We are delighted to have a strong group of adjunct, visiting faculty and field expert that will engage all students and program participants in a dynamic and interactive classroom environment. This can be achieved only when you all take on the responsibility of fully engaging in the learning process while investing all efforts to be a critical and creative thinker and leader.
We have launched a series of exciting campus learning activities. Students’ fraternity will recognize, great opportunities for education innovations and can feel a sincere effort being infused, so that one can learn from faculty, peers, SOSP alumni, and industry partners. By following, these strategically framed executions, we have strengthened our student services and placements function as well.
Above all, I welcome you all to enjoy the campus experience and classroom challenges while building friendships of a lifetime and nurturing a community that will always be there for you as you emerge and shape to be a professional, leader and citizen in the coming future to come.
I am deeply grateful for the presence and guidance of an outstanding group of faculty and staff, who have worked tirelessly and have ensured that you will excel in your learning at SOSP.
I look forward to working with you all - Welcome to SOSP!