Acting Courses: Building Confidence in Aspiring Actors

Confidence is an essential tool for aspirants who wish to build career as successful actors. It is vital for acting aspirants to possess confidence to be able to efficiently perform in front of the audience or the cameras. Pursuing courses in acting would endow aspirants with sound knowledge of varied principles and techniques. But if … Read more

Understanding the Key for Mastering the Art of Facial Expressions

The field of Acting is associated with representing the given story through expressions and body language. It requires professionals to master the understanding of different human values, emotions, attitude and psyche. This helps them to efficiently adapt to different roles and situations. Facial expressions play a vital role in projection of concerned emotions.The audience can … Read more

Understanding the Art and Science of Acting through Professional Education

It is essential for a proficient actor to be able to portray different roles with utter sincerity. ‘Living truly under an artificial situation’ is the craft that aspiring actors must master for building a successful career in this industry. They must possess vigilance to acknowledge the field of acting as a professional career choice. It … Read more

Film Editing: An Indispensable Part of Movie Making Process

Film industry is associated with various disciplines that play a significant role in movie production. Amongst other fields that are more popular like acting, direction, screenplay, etc., the domain of film editing is becoming a popular choice in these modern times. This discipline plays a vital role in carving out the intended message of the … Read more

Post-Production: Learning Technicalities to Fine-Tune the Movie

Post-Production is an essential aspect of filmmaking. It is associated with making decisions and fine-tuning the content that would be broadcasted once the live-camera shooting is completed. Professionals in this domain work on channelizing the raw footage into a logical sequence that exhibits creative ideas and notions of the script.They are responsible for reviewing, cutting, … Read more

Six Qualities That an Actor Must Possess

For sustaining in the field of acting,an aspirant must possess certain traits, such as: Confidence and Acting Techniques: It is essential for actors toexhibit confidence andpossess in-depth knowledge of different techniques and principles through which they can improve their acting. Imagination skills: At times, they may have to present emotions or situations that they have never experienced. … Read more

How Film Making Course Can Help Cinema Aspirants?

To enter the world of Cinema, one must be well-acquainted with various aspects that are involved in the whole filmmaking process viz., direction, acting, cinematography, post-production,audio, etc. By joining a film school at an early stage, aspirants acquire skills and expertise which allows them to sustain in this competitive world. At AAFT School of Cinema, … Read more

Learn to Build Look and Feel of the Movie through Cinematography Course

The field of Cinema is beyond what is visible on the screen. Hundreds of people from different departments work hard to bring to uswhat we see on the silver screen. Cinematography is one such field that immensely impacts the look and feel of the movie. Professionals in this domain are responsible for taking vital decisions … Read more