Multimedia and Animation Courses: Opening Door for Varied Career Opportunities

Multimedia and Animation industry requires professionals to be creative as well as technically competent.Those who wish to make career in this domain must strive to acquire requisite knowledge and skills through which they can become competent to befit the industry. Multimedia and animation courses provide them a platform to gain comprehensive understanding of the industry … Read more

Character Animation: Significance and Requisites

Animation is a creative field that holds power to create the illusion of movement through integration of different images, sound, clipart and videos, there by projecting impression of bringing characters to life through the use of computer software and techniques. They apply various principles and use various tools to impart identity and emotions to the … Read more

How Diploma Program Can Help to Enter the Multimedia Industry?

Multimedia is a vast domain that covers various disciplines in its ambit. This field is related to enhancing visual experience of the users and making propagation of information more interactive & interesting. While it offers professionals an opportunity to exhibit their creativity, it also demands sound technical knowledge. Thus, to gain competitive advantage over others, … Read more

Learning the Craft and Techniques of VFX Industry

Visual Effects is fast gaining popularity in India, especially in the domain of entertainment, media and gaming. With people getting more and more fascinated with the special effects being used in films and TV, the need of professionals in this domain is witnessing an upsurge higher than ever. For those who look forward to establish … Read more

VFX Courses: Enter The Domain of Special Effects

Special effects used in the movies like Bahubali, Krish, etc. have managed to enthrall and capture interest of the audience. This technology is used to fine tune the shot images and create an imaginary world that otherwise is difficult or impossible to be shot with camera. For those who possess creative vision and is intrigued … Read more

Understanding the Scope of Multimedia Degree Courses in India

Multimedia technology is all about imparting information through use of computers by integrating various mediums like image, sound, text and videos. This field has gained popularity due to the varied palate of career opportunities it can offer. Aspiring students can inculcate requisite artistic and technical skills through professional education offered in this domain. By undergoing … Read more

Taking First Step in the Animation Industry

In the past few years, there has been a tremendous increase in the use of Animation in varied domains such as movies, television, advertising, gaming industry and more. This, in turn, has contributed in the growing ambit of career opportunities available in this sector. World of animation studies is vast and comprises a range of … Read more

Jaipur Needs More Attention As Tourist City

Jaipur, 18th August, 2014.“The Golden Triangle of Delhi-Jaipur-Agra is the most popular tourist destination in the country for all those who plan holidays for India. The cities need more attention” said Sandeep Marwah Managing Director of NFTC-National Federation of Tourism And Transport Cooperatives of India Limited at the press meet at Hotel Fairmont, Kukas, Jaipur. … Read more

Santosh Bhartiya on the Board of ASMS

“The department of journalism has grown big in all these few years. We have the privileged to announce 12th February as an International Day of Journalism. Also we have started first time in the World Global Festival of Journalism” expressed Sandeep Marwah introducing Santosh Bhartiya to the new batch of ASMS. “Asian School of Media … Read more