Growing Role of Professional Film Studies in the World of Cinema

There has been an increasing surge in the demand of professional film studies with a large number of people looking forward to establish career in this domain. It is among the few industries that offer aspirants a platform to exhibit their creative abilities. It is also a rare example of industry where one can enter … Read more

Direction: An Indispensable Part of Cinema

Direction is a significant part of Cinema that is associated with various factors contributing to visual representation of the story. Professionals in this domain are responsible for artistic and technical details pertaining to the film making process. They present the script through their creative vision. Directors take significant decisions and oversee various aspects such as … Read more

Why Acting Courses are Essential to Build Career in Cinema?

To be successful in any job, it is essential to have clear understanding of its basics. So is the case with Acting. Other than being a world full of glamour and fame, it also requires rigorous hard-work, perseverance, dedication and continuous self-improvisation. Acting courses provide aspiring students with a platform through which they can learn … Read more

Editing – The Invisible Art of Film Making

As quoted by Francis Ford Coppola, “The essence of cinema is editing”. It is an art and a discipline where the well-composed shots are assembled into a coherent sequence to provide the viewers with a story, as intended by the Director. Editing is an essential part of making any film – feature, short or documentary, … Read more

Media Education at Asian Academy of Film & Television

Media Arts play an essential role media literacy and education. Though synonymously used, media literacy and media education can be described independently. Media literacy is a gamut of competencies that enable individuals to create messages in a wide variety of media modes, genres, and formats. Media education, on the other hand, is the process through … Read more