Entering the World of Fashion Communication with Industry-Relevant Expertise

The world ofglamour holds more than just what meets our eyes. It is a blend of technical and artistic processes like fashion designing, illustration, communication, visual merchandising, makeup and more. Those who aspire to build career in this domain must possess sound technical expertise and deep understanding of the industry. Aspirants can acquire suchknowledge by … Read more

How Professional Courses Help in Entering the Fashion Industry?

Many aspirants in the world of Fashion become lost even before reaching the point of success. This is because of inability to sustain the rigorous and exhaustive industry environment. Some aspirants may not be able to optimally utilize their skills or exhibit technical knacks when faced with the real working conditions. Thus, undergoing professional education … Read more

How to Become a Fashion Designer?

The glittering world of Fashion requires dedication, rigorous hard work and knowing the right roadmap to establish a successful career. To become a professional fashion designer, aspirants must have a sound technical knowledge along with a natural inclination and insight of designs, styling and fashion trends. The most important aspect is to build an understanding … Read more

Fashion Illustration: Forming base of Fashion Designing Process

Like other job roles, Fashion Designing too involves undertaking a cycle of steps before the final product is showcased or delivered in the market. The very first step in this process is that of Fashion Illustration. It is the art of communicating design ideas through visual aid with the help of computer programs or by … Read more