Nourish your Career via Understanding the Role of Media Studies

Aspirants should understand the significance of professional learning and training to enter the industry of media. One can perform outstandingly through the roles and responsibilities like reporters/correspondents, writer/editor, anchor/news presenter, radio professionals, camera or photojournalists, etc. Aspiring learners desire for establishing successful career in this field with passion and zeal. Mass Communication and Journalism courses can … Read more

Significance & Vital Role of Journalism Education

Journalists are the backbone of the emerging and established media industry. It is essential to gain education in this area to be a media expert professional at one of the electronic and print media houses. Journalism education helps aspirants in carving a path to reach the peak of success. One can pursue his/her educational career … Read more

Short-Term or Fast Track Media Education Programs

Mass Media Education is an effective medium to excel and perform in the nexus of established media houses. Nowadays, Fast track or Short-term courses are in trend amidst young and passionate army of aspirants. It is witnessed that young generation is curious and eager to earn well and experience the professional world at an early … Read more

Sports Journalism: A Popular Career Choice

Sports journalism is a specialized field in journalism dealing with amateur and professional sports events and the related news. Sports journalism involves communicating game statistics, interviewing coaches and players, reporting on sporting topics and competitions, and offering sports commentary on a variety of media, whether television, radio, print, or the internet. If you are a … Read more

Media Education at Asian Academy of Film & Television

Media Arts play an essential role media literacy and education. Though synonymously used, media literacy and media education can be described independently. Media literacy is a gamut of competencies that enable individuals to create messages in a wide variety of media modes, genres, and formats. Media education, on the other hand, is the process through … Read more

Model United Nation General Assembly postulated at ASMS

Asian School of Media Studies attained a new milestone while organizing a three day workshop of Model United Nation (MUN) to integrate the propaganda of UN with aspiring students of Asian School of Journalism & Mass Communication on 10th October 2016. This was a joint venture of ICMEI and Indian Federation of United Nations Associations … Read more

Make an Informed Decision: Explore Different Fields in Journalism

In today’s rapidly evolving world, fairness and accuracy in news reporting has become considerably important. To stay connected and well informed about the latest happenings across the world, the country or the city, the news organizations publish news reports in a variety of media. A significant part of this exciting world of fast changing political … Read more

Asian School of Media Studies 2014 Session has started

“You need to develop better thinking and a stronger feelings to be a better human being so that you can do good karmas to convert this earth into heaven” said Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios on the inauguration of new batch of undergraduates of ASMS 2014-17 session. “We have left no stone untried to … Read more