The Lover Of The Soil At Asian School Of Communication

On the recommendation of Dr.Janos Terenyi, Ambassador of Hungry in India and Tibor Kovacs Director of Hungarian Information and Cultural Centre, International Film And Television Club of Marwah Studios has arranged a special show of popular Hungarian film ‘The Lover Of The Soil’ directed by renowned film maker Zsolt Pozsgai.
The film is produced by Zsolt Pozsgai who has also written the screenplay. The Director of Photography is Lajos Nadoorfi, Editor is Zsolt Gulyas, Costumes by Mariann Wieber, Presented by Horatio Film and cast includes Aron Oze, Eva Auksz, Gabor Koncz, Sylvia Sunyovszky, Adam Lux, Gyorgy Kezdy, Kriszta Tarsoly, Laszlo Gorog, Gabi Paczuk. The film was also an entry to International Film Festival Of India 2010 informed Sandeep Marwah President of Marwah Studios.

Vilmos Zsolnay (1828-1900), a world famous ceramicist, the founder of modern Hungarian ceramics, and the inventor of the world renowned eosin glazed pottery and ceramics made based on a secret recipe. He lived during the era of technical and intellectual revival in Hungary and the film is also set in the second half of the 19th century. An exciting novel about his work, which was published in several editions, was written by the 20th century Hungarian woman writer, Gizella Dénes. This successful book provides the basis for the screenplay.

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