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Welcome to Asian Education Group ( AAFT , ASMS & ASC) - AAFT- Media School , Fashion School India

We have always believed that a film school should take a holistic and realistic approach in its teaching. By holistic we mean that film school training should not be limited to only classrooms and lectures on theories and techniques. Therefore, at AAFT we have adopted a comprehensive training method with equal importance on the practical training of film making and acting.

Believing that training and skill building are quite essential in the field of visual media, Asian Academy of Film & TV, has been imparting education and training in the art & craft of film making in television presentation since 1993.

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AAFT Alumni Mohit Marwah Actor for feature film " FUGLY" Batch Commencing

Latest Activity

Tuesday,March 25th 2014, @02:30PM - March 25th, 2014, @04:00 pm

IACC Media & Entertainment Committee Presents A Panel Discussion

Batch Commencing

Batch Commencing


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