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Every path becomes easy with the right guide with you. Animation is an industry which appeases only to the highly creative minds, but you need someone to help tap that creativity into productive results. Finding the right animation mentor, makes it easier for you to turn your imagination into moving pictures and hence your dreams into reality.

At AAFT School of Animation, you find the best animation faculty who know the industry inside out. We take you beyond drawing your thoughts on paper to put them out on the screen with perfection. In each member of our faculty, you will find an experienced multimedia mentor who will nurture your talent and carve out your future in the animation industry. If you have chosen animation as a career, you have already taken the first step towards chasing your dreams; let us be your guide on this journey!

Ashish Kumar Garg

Dean-cum-Faculty of Animation School
“Ashish Kumar Garg serving the CG industry since more than two decades with experience in computer graphics content creation having skills…
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Varun Sharma

Assistant Professor
“A creative 3d Animation & VfX professional with having sound knowledge of World’s leading Autodesk & Adobe software’s…
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Satish Kumar

Assistant Professor
“Experience of more than 5 years in the field of Art, Graphics and Animation. Have done graduation from Delhi University…
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Gopal Krishna

Associate Professor
“A Multimedia professional having Experience of 12 years in Production, Teaching and Corporate Training….
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Gaurav Nath

Gaurav Nath Graduate in Animation have more than 10 years of experience in Motion Graphic, Video Editing and 3D VFX. His association with…
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Shudhanshu Kumar

Shudhanshu Kumar Masters in Mass communication & Film production with over 10 years of hands-on experience in audio video editing & compositing…
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Ashish Ahuja

Ashish Ahuja with an experience of over 10 years in the CG Industry and establishing himself as a researcher and mentor. Additionally…
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