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Personality Development Session

“Personality development is the relatively enduring pattern of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that distinguish individuals from one another. It is becoming a better version of yourself.”

A guest lecture on personality development by the soft skill trainer Mr. Nischal Mahajan, founder of 3S Educare Co, was conducted with the same motive, which received excellent response from our students.

The session focused on career planning, self esteem, positive thinking, stress management, time management, power dressing and communication skills. He explained, how “You Win I Win” style of talking influence your social network. The segment was centered on 3 essentials:

A – Attitude

B – Behaviour

C – Communication

Further, our expert added how goals add meaning to one’s life. It included an exercise of visualization in which the students were asked to visualize the goals as well as the process involved to achieve them. The objective of this activity was to help students realize the importance of setting goals, overcoming the obstacles to achieve them as well as the anxieties related to achieving those goals.

The final segment was on practicing meditation and yoga. Mr. Nischal Mahajan explained our students how meditation will help them develop inner peace and harmony that will reflect outside; and how yoga is more than just an exercise. He emphasized on the practice of these two very important techniques on a regular basis, as these are considered as a way to connect the physical existence with the mind. They have the power to heal us from within and helps us overcome the overwhelming stress that today’s fast-paced life brings.

Overall, it was an effective session. The feedback of the students was very positive and the students gained a lot of insights from our expert.

Industry Expert : Mr. Nischal Mahajan

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