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Welcome to AAFT’s School of Performing Arts

School of Performing Arts at Marwah Studios is one of the committed music schools in India and provides art education with inculcation of creative expressions in its students. Music courses nurture the artistic temperament of students for achieving professional excellence. Our music academy believes in a proper blend of tradition with modernity and offers Bachelor in Performing Arts (4 years course specialization in Music Production) as well as Master in Performing Arts (2 years course specialization in Music Production).

Our music institute is one of the most sought after Music Institutes in India, we welcome students from all countries to the land of incessant art & culture. Our customized curriculum of Performing Arts has been crafted for the students to opt for various subjects as their specialization.

We are among the top music schools of India and offer world class infrastructure for comprehensive understanding of fine arts & performing arts to the students. Skilled faculty promotes exploration of art in order to cultivate innovation and leadership amongst students.

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